The Pool is Relaxing…?

Yes, that question mark was purposeful. (A la Ron Burgandy.) Because when I think of the pool, I think of relaxing pool side and roaming around the pool waters with wondrous delight. Yep, wondrous delight. Summer days at the pool were the greatest, weren’t they? I’d bike there with my cousins and spend the whole afternoon there. My greatest worries would be: Would there be a cute lifeguard today? Would I get frozen skittles or frozen starbursts? Should I dive for pennies or just float around the deep end? Man, childhood rocked! The pool rocked!

Fast forward 20 years and the pool seems far less relaxing. Sure, it can be fun…and sure, my son LOVES it…but geez Louise there’s so much prep! And here’s why…

You must pack everything possible that you may or may not need. This includes:
1. Giant tote bag
2. Sunscreen
3. Ice water for me
4. Ice water for the kid
5. Floaties…so my kid doesn’t drown
6. Noodle…so I don’t drown in the ‘deep end’ (Yeah…I may BE 5 ft tall, but Mama’s head needs to remain ABOVE the water)
7. Diapers (Swim diapers only hold for so long…) Plus, treading water while holding a toddler is kinda hard.
8. Towels…plural
9. Sunglasses for me and the kid
10. Snacks (Because swimming makes you hungry)

So, that’s 10 items. TEN ITEMS. For ONE trip to the pool. And that’s just getting there! Once we get settled, we have to sunscreen everyone up, put the floaties on, and then master the pool steps. Yay, we can relax now right? Umm no, facebook told me about secondary drowning last week. So, we won’t be playing the dunking game anymore. Oh, you want to float on your back for 10 minutes? How about just one minute? Because you might get swimmer’s ear. Look, Mom brought your ball (make that 11 items!). What, you don’t want this ball? You want the other kid’s ball? Hmm…Okay.

And then finally (finally!), something happens…something relaxing happens. The baby is content…splashing, floating, laughing. Pure joy written all over his face. And you realize it was all worth it. Because the pool is for kids (and childless adults…margaritas anyone?!). We’re just along for the ride.





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