And then he was 2…

TWO! That’s 730 days of being a Mommy; 730 days of changing diapers; 730 days of keeping a human being alive! It’s harder than you think it would be… in the early days, you just want to stay awake and make sure that baby is breathing all night long. And then he wakes up 3-4 times a night and you no longer worry about that.  A year without sleep really does take a toll one’s body! Luckily (?) for us, Gideon finally figured out how to sleep through the night right after he turned 1.

Time really does fly when you have kids. Gone are the days of sleeping in on the weekends and watching movies all night. I mean, what exactly did we do before Gideon? Oh right, we played Call of Duty till 3 in the morning and went out to dinner in peace and quiet. Oh, there’s kids next to us? Could we sit somewhere else? HA! Life sure is different, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything else. This munchkin has enriched our lives far beyond what we could have imagined. He teaches us about love, kindness, patience, patience, and more patience. But enough of the goopy stuff, let me share with you what Gideon’s real birthday was like…

The morning of his birthday, we planned to both get up with him and spend all morning together. He usually wakes up around 7:15/7:30am but instead decided to get wake up at 6:45am. I’ll admit, I am not a morning person. To me, there’s even a difference between waking up at 6:59am and waking up at 7:00am. If there’s still a six on my clock, I don’t see the point. Anyway, we planned to take him to the “good” park in Virginia and then go into DC to get his favorite Neapolitan pizza at 2Amy’s. Simple right? A nice, relaxing way to celebrate his 2nd birthday. Nope. Wrong. He was the exact definition of a terrible two year old. He threw his crust on the floor, he threw his crayons on the floor, he threw my phone (!!) across the room…I was never so happy to see the check! It’s generally a loud restaurant and maybe some people didn’t even notice. But WE noticed….and WE were mortified. He’s never behaved this badly in a restaurant (especially at his favorite pizza place!) and we were at a loss on what to do. This kid may have went to bed as a 23 month old, but he definitely woke up as a 2 year old! I’m happy to report that this hasn’t happened again in the last two times we’ve gone out to eat, but I think we’ll be eating at home more for the sake of other patrons. Don’t want to unleash the monster in public again. This is normal, yes? I honestly didn’t know the terrible twos would be quite so literal! Steady as we go…


3 thoughts on “And then he was 2…

  1. Haha, your 6:59 comment cracked me up–I feel EXACTLY the same way!! 🙂 Happy birthday dear boy and don’t worry mom, give it a few more months and the two’s will mellow themselves out. They did in my case at least!


    • Oh good, they won’t always be this way then?? 🙂 I’m glad it worked out in your favor…perhaps it will for me as well! Gideon’s always been such a sweet boy, this deliberate misbehaving really threw me for a loop. He wants what he wants! Haha 🙂


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