Hey 2004, I like your television show

I’m back baby doll! Indeed, it’s been a while. And I’ll be honest with you…I’ve been binging on Veronica Mars. Holy 2004! Where was I?! She’s so darn precocious I could slap myself! But alas, the show ends in 2oo7. (Spoiler alert!) Only to reprise in a feature film… hooray! I’m halfway through the series, so I need to start pacing myself…we’ve still got a lot of Summer left y’all. And that my friends is what I’ve been doing with my evenings. Oh and reading novels again. Geez, I really AM on summer vacation! That’s the bad thing about books from the library though…they add undue pressure. Due dates?? It’s like school all over again. I’ll finish reading it when I’m good and ready, thanks! I have a toddler you know…he wakes up early. Speaking of toddler (you knew it was coming!), he has now learned defiance. It only took 26 months, but “No, NO!” is now his favorite phrase. So yeah, that’s been fun. It’s really neat to see him become more communicative. But now that he can tell me what he wants, he repeats it over and over and OVER. There’s no distracting him anymore. He wants what he wants when he wants it…which is now! Lucky for me, his requests aren’t too hard to bring to fruition. With my Mommy powers, I be like…

GIF Credit: aliceinreaderland.com



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