Let’s talk about measles…


In 2014 there were 644 documented measles infections according to the CDC. For comparison, in the last 12 years there were never more than 250 confirmed cases each year. As of this writing, there are already 102 confirmed cases in 2015. That statistic can be safely filed under Y for Yikes! So why is a viral infection which was declared eliminated in the US suddenly reappearing? The simple answer is a lack of vaccination. The refusal to vaccinate for a preventable disease is allowing this highly contagious virus to gain a foothold in the US once again. Refusal rates continue to rise despite overwhelming evidence for the safety and efficacy of this vaccine. Therefore, let me try to briefly explain why vaccines are not evil.

What are vaccines?

I still think there is a huge misconception about what exactly happens when a person gets vaccinated. So let…

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