Hear ye, hear ye!

IMG_3371The following PSA has been brought to you by a pregnant woman: Pregnant Women Can Be Sensitive!

So, thank you stranger for asking me if I was sure I wasn’t carrying twins. I mean, honestly, what do you expect a woman to look like at 8 months? Not all of us can look like the Duchess when we’re with child… that lucky gal! For the rest of us preggos, this is what 8 months usually looks like. So don’t be alarmed strangers! Your jaw no longer needs to be dropped.

But don’t worry folks, we preggos can bounce right back. Five minutes later, I was like…


And then stuffing my face with more pancakes. Huzzah!

*******You may now return to your regular broadcasting. Have a nice day!********


Oh Baby!

Hello! Hi! It’s been a while…

And A LOT has changed my friends. For one, I’m having another baby! In 9 weeks. (nine. weeks. gah!) I’m really trying to savor this pregnancy because I’m 99.9% sure this will be the last addition to our little family. However, it’s not easy to do when there’s only a few weeks that you get a chance to enjoy it! To my dismay, I had ‘morning’ sickness in the evenings and at night for the first 16 weeks. Honestly, it’s the only diet that’s ever worked for me. (Ha!) I also had acne and hair loss. Where was this pregnancy glow that I vaguely remembered from my first pregnancy? Turns out, this baby is a GIRL! And she’s stealing my beauty (according to an old wives’ tale). They say each pregnancy is different, I can tell a major difference between carrying a boy and carrying a girl. Even my cravings are different. I can’t get enough milk or chocolate these days. I loathed chicken until now. I’ve switched to decaf coffee (yes, I drink it for the taste) because my body is really sensitive to caffeine this go around. And I’m eating four meals a day. Yikes! Now that I’m in the third trimester, my belly is literally busting at the seams and it’s oh so much harder to chase, pick up, and rock my toddler. But enough complaining! I feel very blessed to be carrying this child. We’ve had our fair share of fertility trials and tribulations and God has given us not one, but two children. And we are forever thankful.